Bonus Day Off


I was supposed to have work today (teacher workday), but as soon as I arrived, the receptionist told me they had tried to call me and tell me not to come in — we didn’t have any water. My principal fussed at me for not bundling up properly. I went by my classroom to get some books and lesson planning paraphernalia, then got in my car again and left. I probably should have crawled under the covers and slept a bit longer, but I guess I felt like I should be working or something.

To that end, I decided to create a basic website for my handouts and lesson ideas. I always love it when I can find a really good lesson for which someone else has done all the work. I put it up here at at its own little space: Mrs. Huff’s English Classes. Probably not of interest to any of you who do not teach English, but that hasn’t stopped you all from reading my drivel before.


2 thoughts on “Bonus Day Off

  1. Oh, my! You are a genius! Thank you! I adore seeing what other people are doing! I had the same idea, putting up all my teaching ideas on a website. I'm still trying to do a nice job of organizing currently. Again, thanks!

  2. I'm obviously not an English teacher, but being the ever-geeky student at heart, I still enjoy looking at your teaching materials. The "minisyllabi" DO look fun, interesting, and not as overwhelming as I remember teacher handouts to be. Have a great holiday break!

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