Books I Should Have Read in School Challenge


Books I Should Have Read in School, but Didn't Challenge

In signing up for my own challenge, how embarrassing is it that I’m not sure I can commit to the highest level, Literature Professor? And yet, I am just not sure I can read 12 books I should have read in school. Actually, I have done a pretty decent job of returning to books I should have read, such as Wuthering Heights, The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, and the like, mainly because I’m a high school English teacher, and if I missed them myself in high school, I can read them as a teacher when I prepare to teach them. But there are a few books I missed or didn’t finish.

I’m going to commit to reading these six books next year, which will be Graduate Student Level if I complete all six.

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8 thoughts on “Books I Should Have Read in School Challenge

    1. I think we all are. Before I was an English teacher, I had not read The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Giver, or tons of other books I can't think of at the moment.

  1. The House of Mirth could very well be one of my favorite books — I read that this year and couldn't believe I waited my whole life until this point to read it. Wonderful book and Edith Wharton is an incredible writer.

    1. I fully anticipate enjoying them. I've heard Achebe talk about the book, and it sounds fascinating. I have seen the Of Mice and Men movie starring John Malkovich and Gary Sinise, and I loved it.

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