Compulsive Blogging?


Tonight I go on a quest in search of Blue’s Clues valentines for Maggie. It is her first class valentine exchange. She goes to a wonderful daycare a few miles from my school. Actually, Dylan goes there, too. But they’re not exchanging valentines in the infant room, at least not to my knowledge.

My daycare has this spiffy feature that allows me to peek in on the kids: Parent Watch. I admit I don’t get the chance to peep at them as much as I’d like, but my grandparents in Colorado look in on them often, as does my mother. I think it is pretty cool that they can do that. If your daycare doesn’t do it, why not suggest it to them?

My students studied editorial cartoons today. I always forget how much they like that. Then, too, I always have one or two real artists in the bunch who throw everything they’ve got into creating cartoons. I bumped into one of those artists from a couple of quarters back this afternoon. My students must have told her I mentioned her in class, because she said she’d like to bring in some of the cartoons she did for me.

Some of their cartoons were very good.

I have some papers to grade, but I’m blogging. I am not a good person.

Jess and Rajni said I should post my fiction here. Maybe I will. I don’t write as much as my husband. I don’t know why. I have a few ideas rattling around in my head. Rajni, I did post a chapter or two of my book on my old diary. I am in the process of compiling the whole thing into an e-book. I wish I had the time to look for an agent.

I am working on a photo album. Okay, I admit I’m having a bout with OCD right now, exacerbated by some recent poo flung by… her. Wish I didn’t have OCD and could figure out how to let it go instead of ruminating on it, picking it apart over and over. I take a drug called Luvox that is effective for OCD. They used to have a website, but it doesn’t appear to exist anymore. The section on their site for kids and teens with OCD was called “Club OCD! for Kids.” I wish that was a joke. Damned compulsions are interfering with my work this week, and it has to stop, or I’ll fall further behind.

Speaking of OCD, I think Michael Jackson has a rather heinous case of it, coupled with a co-morbid of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Why else would he constantly be tweaking his face like that? He’s getting to be as eccentric as Howard Hughes, who is a poster child for OCD if ever there was one. I wonder if Michael Jackson has ever officially been diagnosed? I think I’ll add him to my list of famous people with OCD anyway, because if he ain’t got it, I don’t know who has.