Down to the Wire


One more day until NaNoWriMo begins. I feel pretty good about my idea, and I have some scenes sketched out in my head. You know, there might be something to waiting until November 1, even if there are ideas brewing. I don’t think it would be good if, say, the ideas started brewing around about December 1, but I started thinking about this book mid-October.

Am I wrong to be annoyed by NaNoWriMo forum posters who drop their publication credits or mention in some fake blasé way that an editor is already interested? It reminds me of namedroppers somehow. Yes, we’re excited for you. Go pretend you’re not gloating somewhere else.

I am *almost* caught up with grading. Everything that was handed in by Friday has now been graded, but I collected one-paragraph essays from 9th graders today and will collect more tomorrow. On Wednesday, I collect two sets of vocabulary cards. My 10th grade Writing class will have to turn in another essay this week. I never stay caught up for long.

Well, I retire to what feels like a well-earned session with a book.


One thought on “Down to the Wire

  1. I'm not too up on NaNoWriMo, but if they have an editing/publication deal in the works would these people even have TIME to do the writing challenge? Wouldn't they be working with the editor and publisher to get the book/story completed? I don't like name droppers either, and it's kind of uncalled for. Anyway, good luck with your writing, and hopefully we'll be able to read some of it! 🙂

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