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Okay, in my quest to become a true web geek instead of a lame poser, and also because of the identity theft issue (which I can’t prove is because I was using IE, but who knows), I downloaded Firefox, in part because Kim Komando said she uses it. I’m sure she’s got several browsers that she switches between. The more I read about Internet Explorer’s bugs and security holes, the scarier it seems. I immediately performed the Secunia Multiple Browers Frame Injection Vulnerability Test I told you about, and Firefox is indeed secure as far as that particular problem is concerned.

Firefox has an easy user interface and even includes a help file for people who use IE so that they can figure out the differences between the two browsers with ease. It also displays favicons in the location bar (address bar in IE), which is something that IE doesn’t do (they display them in your “Favorites,” however). The only thing is there seems to be a bug with favicons in Firefox. Looks like it sort of randomly dumps the favicon or flashes it, then shows the default page curling favicon. That’s a pain in the ass if you have bothered to make a favicon for your site. However, it looks like the user has more control over the the web. You can disable favicons and target=”_blank”, customize your brower with themes, and BLOCK POP-UPS mong many other things.

I also dumped Eudora in favor of Thunderbird. The user interface is much simpler. Eudora was really busy. Plus, it had ads. Ick. Who wants that? You can get a version of Eudora without ads one of two ways: 1) purchase it for about $50; or 2) get the trimmed-down version with less features. I will admit neither one looked particularly desirable to me.

Oh, who am I kidding. If I was a true geek, I’d be running my computer on Linux. Maybe someday. Open source rocks.

I promise not to write about techie stuff every day. I know some of you aren’t interested and don’t get it. I’m just sort of into web development right now.

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2 thoughts on “Firefox and Thunderbird

  1. *does the happy Mozilla dance* Welcome to the club. 🙂 May I suggest FireSomething, just for sheer entertainment value? And if you're missing the bold, ital, link buttons in MT entry composition, there's a plugin for that, too.

  2. I downloaded Firefox, and it *does* work very well, but I favor the Avant browser instead. I think it has a lot of the same features that Firefox does, like tabbed browsing, and it reads HTML / CSS better. I don't know, just something that's important to me since I'm a webmaster and rely heavily on CSS. Thanks for the heads-up on all the security problems with IE! I can't believe someone actually hijacked your account. Hopefully, that'll be taken care of soon.

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