First Week


I had a most excellent first week of school. I feel like I’m at home. It will be a miracle if I ever learn my crazy schedule, but that’s okay.

We had Field Day on Friday. Yes, at the beginning of the year. Think about it, though. It’s a great way to get to know folks. Students council divided all the students up into teams. Each team wore a different colored t-shirt that had the names of all the students, faculty, and staff on the back. I was on the red team, but there were also orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black. It was great to see the students interact. I was really touched during the tug-of-war. One of my sophomore students is the kind of kid who would be picked on in public school — he’s a big guy, and he’s got true geek cred for his interests (which match my own): LotR, the Middle Ages, and Harry Potter. He was the anchor for the yellow team. What touched me is that as he was trying so hard to stay on his feet and pull, one of the seniors from the red team — a cool kid, you could tell — kept yelling encouragement: “Come on, [student’s name], you can do it!” It would be unrealistic to say that all of the students at the school are friends, but from what I can see, they are all at least friendly to one another. My team won the tug-of-war, by the way. We didn’t have the biggest people on our team (after all, yours truly is not an asset on a tug-of-war team). I know those poor guys were not too thrilled to have the tiniest teachers — yours truly, of course, and Rabbi Gottfried. But between the two of us, we’ve had six children, four of them without drugs. So we pulled and pulled. That black team had all the biggest guys on it, but we beat them. I was surprised, and I think the rest of the guys were, too. I was so tired at the end of the day. Actually, just sitting down at lunch wore me out. After lunch, Rabbi Baker led the blessing, sung in Hebrew. It was really beautiful, and I really enjoyed the feeling of community — watching those teachers who were Jewish and the students singing in response to Marc (Rabbi Baker).

You know, half the time when my students leave class, they thank me for the lesson. They thank me every time I give them a handout or paper. They’re so polite and respectful. At the same time, they don’t sit there and stare in quiet as I gab on. They enjoy interaction, discussion.

I am feeling pretty good about my decision to teach for the first time in years. And it was nice to read this post by my husband in praise of a good teacher. Also, go check out why Steve is “the Bomb Shizzle, Yo.” I haven’t mentioned it here yet — I’ve been remiss. He will be a principal (lead) in the Huntsville (Alabama) Opera Company production of Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. He will audition for the Pensacola Opera Company on Sept. 25.


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  1. *squeal* I'm so glad that you've having such an excellent school year so far. It teared me up to read about the kids pulling for each other. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Here's to a great school year. 🙂

  2. Yay! How glad I am to hear you're enjoying it so far. It does sound loads better than the previous experiences you've shared with us. I wonder if it's due to the fact that it's private versus public or if it's because it's religiously based that makes the students act more respectful. I suppose a combination of the two. Anyway, I so hope it continues for you. Imagine actually being able to enjoy going to work!

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