Friday Finds—May 6, 2011


Friday Finds

This week, I discovered an answer to a question that has bothering me. Until recently, all of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books were available for audio download on Audible except for The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I have read all the series up until The Fiery Cross, and I had decided that perhaps listening to the books during my commute would be a better option for me in terms of catching up. I was dismayed to find out I couldn’t complete my collection, and I was even more puzzled because An Echo in the Bone, the most recent novel, was available on Audible in addition to the four books prior to The Fiery Cross.

This week I discovered via Diana Gabaldon’s blog why the books were not available in an unabridged format and that A Breath of Snow and Ashes now is available, and The Fiery Cross will be available in November.

I don’t understand the notion of abridged books. Either read it all or skim it yourself, but why buy it abridged in the first place? How can you trust you have the essence of the story intact?

Gabaldon’s series is also, of course, available in paper:

  • [amazon_link id=”0385319959″ target=”_blank” ]Outlander[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id=”0385335970″ target=”_blank” ]Dragonfly in Amber[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id=”0385335997″ target=”_blank” ]Voyager[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id=”B002VLLJDI” target=”_blank” ]Drums of Autumn[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id=”0440221668″ target=”_blank” ]The Fiery Cross[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id=”0440225809″ target=”_blank” ]A Breath of Snow and Ashes[/amazon_link]
  • [amazon_link id=”0440245680″ target=”_blank” ]An Echo in the Bone[/amazon_link]

What did you discover this week?