God, God, God


God, I just don’t know what to say. All my little problems and fears seem so insignificant. My two babies are sleeping nearby on the couch. Steve is snoring in the bedroom. And I am transfixed by the news. Everyone close to me is safe. I don’t know of anyone on the planes or in those buildings that I lost. But thousands of people can’t say that. And I cry for them. Steve looked up which businesses were in the World Trade Center buildings. God, did you know there was a day care center in one of them? Probably run for the employees who worked there. The pictures look like footage from the end of the world. Strawburygrl, I can guarantee that no American airline pilot would have steered a plane into those buildings. Your husband is very right that they pilots were probably dead or otherwise overpowered. I can tell you myself I would have let the assholes kill me before I would steer a plane into a building like that. Anyone would. Those people that died in the plane crash in Pennsylvania are no more heroes than any of the other crew and passengers on the other planes. I believe in my heart that each crew member and passenger did what they were able to do to stop this tragedy, including calling emergency officials and airline offices on their cell phones. One flight attendant said they killed her whole crew. She somehow managed to radio or phone the airline. Do not be misled. The people who hijacked those planes were militant fanatics bent on dying for their cause.

New Yorkers running from debris and later walking dumbly out of the city. Surreal. Thousands of people everywhere clogging Red Cross centers to donate blood, many even before they were asked.

I hope my dad was able to get something to eat today. He works on an Air Force base and wasn’t allowed to leave. They had vending machines, I guess. He never e-mailed me back. He probably couldn’t. I hope my brother-in-law is okay. I’m getting off the line to call my sister and offer her support. My cousin is also in the Air Force. I wonder if he was able to go home. Probably not. He assists a general.

God, God, God.