Grandma Stella, Part 2


A little over a year ago, I wrote about my great-great-grandmother Stella and included a transcription of a letter she wrote to my great-uncle Alvin. I mentioned a few months ago that my great-great-grandmother Stella kept a diary, but I had despaired of ever seeing it. Thanks to my grandfather’s cousin, Mary, whom I met and visited with yesterday at her home in the North Georgia mountains, I not only have a copy of the diary, but I also have copies of several photos of my great-grandparents. She is also going to make me copies of several more photos. To say I’m excited about all of this would be such an understatement.

I just finished Grandma Stella’s diary. She kept an account of what she bought and how much she spent. Her wedding dress cost $6.50. She was a teacher before she married, and she wrote about her difficulties keeping order and mentioned several times the fact that her students’ attendance varied widely depending upon the weather or farming. She mentions the death of her grandmother. She was too embarrassed to write down when my great-great-grandfather kissed her, so she used euphemisms to note these instances in her diary.

I am going to upload it in blog entries at my genealogy blog. After I have it completely transcribed, I will upload it as a downloadable document in some form, whether Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF.

I loved the photos of my great-grandparents. I know two of them were taken on their wedding day in June 1920. Here is my favorite (click for larger image):


They remind me of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald!


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  1. What a delightful story. Stella would never have imagined that her private writings would become accessible to so many so long after she wrote them.

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