Yawn… Baby Maggie is fighting sleep tooth (well toothless) and nail. She’s exhausted, but she won’t settle down. Poor little baby. She’s just nosy. That’s what my mom always says about her — that she’s a nosy baby.

I have very little of interest to say tonight.

I guess my cousin got married today. Today was also my great-grandparents’ 72nd anniversary. Yes, you read that right. My great-grandparents are still alive, and they’ve been married for 72 years. They married when they were teenagers. My grandfather has Alzheimer’s and lives in a nursing home. I had the distinct feeling last time I saw him that I wouldn’t ever see him again. He is 91. I have had that feeling about two other important people in my life, and so far, I was correct both times.

Grandpa no longer remembers who I am. I was scared of him when I was a kid. It’s funny that he knows my daughter Sarah is his great-great-granddaughter, but he doesn’t remember me. Sarah was born before he got really bad, so he remembers his link to her. Let me see — I think he has 5 great-great-grandchildren now (6 if you count step-great-great-grandchildren) and one on the way. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many great-grandchildren he has, but I’m the oldest.

Grandpa’s brother came over for one of their anniversary parties. I think it was the 65th. Anyway, Grandpa pointed proudly at Sarah and told his brother that little girl was his great-great-granddaughter. Grandpa’s brother said, “Well you’re getting old.” Grandpa said, “Not too many of ’em gets to see their great-great-granddaughter.” That is true indeed.