This site restoration is looking more involved by the moment.  I don’t know when I’ll get this accomplished, so don’t hold your breath (if you were).

At this point, doing manual reposts is looking like the simpler option, and considering how time-consuming that is going to be, we’re looking at a long period of time.  However, the good news, I have to keep telling myself, is that I do indeed have the posts.  Yep.

I wish I knew something about perl.  If you think HTML or CSS looks like a jumble of characters, try looking at perl.


OK, so unless I have takers to host the Literature Carnival, that’s off for a week.  Also, the HP Carnival I host at the Pensieve (which isn’t close to being fully restored yet) is off for this week, too.


One thought on “Headache

  1. Poop. I can't find your email address. I hope you get this message today.

    Can you help out a fellow teacher? One of my coworkers has lost her test on The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, and doesn't have time to make a new one. I've never taught it. Do you have one at the ready?

    BTW, I have this other blog that is much more active than the one you typically visit. Come see me at http://www.xanga.com/Lucinda_Matlock.

    Thanks bunches,


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