I had two interviews today — well, yesterday, I guess, since it’s after midnight. About one minute into the first, I told myself that if that job were offered to me, I’d run. What was wrong? It was an alternative school, which I already knew and wasn’t happy about. However, the building was ancient and unkempt. It looked like a prison. The principal was wearing a purple shirt and matching purple reptile-skin shoes. I wish I was kidding. I cringed when I heard him explain the expectations he has for his “inscructors.” He answered the phone twice during the interview — one was a cell call from someone who spoke loudly enough that I could tell it was a family member or friend. How rude. During an interview, I give the interviewer my full attention. I expect the same consideration. The capper? It’s a middle school position. Middle school alternative school with a boss who wears purple shoes? No thanks.

The second was at a somewhat flaky, but interesting private school. We’ll see about that one. One other school is desperate to talk to one of my references. She’s a hard person to catch, so I hope they can get hold of her. If they listen to her, I’ll have that job. I have another interview Monday. Now the faculty at the Monday school would be great to work with, but the school is kind of similar to an inner-city school. Still, if you have a great faculty and good support from the administration, you can have good experiences with those types of settings. Or maybe I’m being optimistic. I do need to look at schools realistically. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are, and I really don’t need to be in a place where discipline is a big problem.

I need to go back and get my Master’s degree. It’s going to be hard with the kids being so young and Steve doing opera. Still, my career seems to be stalling, and I think the lack of the Master’s is one reason why. I also need to get serious about seeking National Board Certification. The money that will cost initially is daunting, but I think it would pay back exponentially.

I’m still working on The Rule of Four. I’m thinking I’ll finish it this weekend. I want to reserve my opinions until I’m finished, but I can tell you already the review will be mixed.