I was thinking about downloading Flock, even though I am a very loyal Firefox user. It looks like it will be really good for blogging, especially the two carnivals I regularly host. I was checking out Flock’s article “Introducing Flock Beta 1,” and I noticed in their sidebar that they had a playlist of Pixies music linked to something I hadn’t heard of called I went and checked it out, and it’s so cool! You download a plugin and software, search for artists you like, and it find a “station” playing that sort of stuff. At least that’s how I understand it. You can skip tracks if you want, too. I wonder what the RIAA will make of it, but then again, you aren’t actually downloading the songs. It’s more like creating your own custom radio station that plays what you like.  It does seem to be a relatively painless way of trying out music before you buy, too.