Linda Schrenko


Former State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko and two others were indicted today in an alleged scheme to steal more than $500,000 in federal education funds, using the money for campaign expenses and a face-lift.

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To say I am disgusted and appalled is an understatement. Frankly, what I am is absolutely livid. I have long despised Linda Schrenko. I think most Georgia educators probably do. Now it becomes clear to all just how badly she abused her position as Superintendent of the Georgia Department of Education.

Want to know more details? Here is a timeline of events.

I want to know why. What made someone in her position, holding the purse-strings of education in a state that is struggling to bring up test scores and “leave no child behind,” do such a heinous thing to the students and teachers of Georgia?

You know what’s really disgusting? If she is found guilty, she will probably get a slap on the wrist. Damn it, I want her to be held accountable for her crimes, and I want to see her ass in jail.

I am anxious to see what Johnny Isakson thinks, as he was, I believe, Chairman of the Georgia BOE during Shrenko’s evil reign. I also wonder what Sonny Perdue will say, as she ran against him (and lost) for the GOP nomination for governor of Georgia in 2002.


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  1. I don't know if I voted for her or not.

    I see she didn't go to meetings and stuff. I am really getting p*ssed off about so many elected officials not bothering to show up for their jobs!! You'll have to let me know what the public opinion of her is like.

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