Marilou Braswell, Part 2


I have exchanged a few e-mails with Matt Braswell, Marilou Braswell’s husband. He has been kind and thoughtful, despite the fact that I posted my opinion about a news story that reflects negatively upon his wife. I commend him for that, because it isn’t easy to be that way when you’re in the line of fire, as he and his wife undoubtedly are. He seems like a decent person. To that end, I extended him the opportunity to share his story in this blog, unedited. He politely declined. I invite you to peruse his website, In his own words, “I can only urge you to do your homework before believing anyone, including me.” All people should be so classy when they disagree. To that end, I encourage you to do your homework if this story has piqued your interest. I will be candid and say that I have read through the documents on the site, and while I think the Braswells have some valid points and may even be completely in the right about aspects of the case, my mind remains unchanged, primarily because of the “infamous prepared statement,” which, to their credit, they post in its entirety on their site. I want to underscore something I said before, that we need to follow the advice of Atticus Finch and walk around in someone else’s skin, consider things from their point of view. I think I can fairly say I’ve done that — I’ve read about this issue from both sides, and I’ve come to my own conclusion based on the evidence each side has provided.


2 thoughts on “Marilou Braswell, Part 2

  1. I exchanged an email with him as well. I pointed out an error in his statements, and he met me halfway with a compromise. I have to give him credit for not getting hot under the collar and responding nicely.

  2. You are the most un-biased person I think I've ever known. You rock. I went over to that website and find it fascinating that the two sides can paint such different pictures. I couldn't keep from bringing up peer pressure as religious discrimination in their guestbook though. They have some valid points, but don't seem to acknowledge that there was any wrongdoing at all, which seems incredibly naive.

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