More Reading Challenges


I have located a couple more reading challenges to participate in for 2010-2011. And now that I have graduated—earned my master’s from VA Tech!—I might have a little more time to read.

Gothic Reading Challenge

The first is the Gothic Reading Challenge. Not sure what I’ll read yet, but I love a great gothic read! Bonus: anything I read during September and October should also count for the R.I.P. Challenge when it comes around again. I’m going for broke and shooting for “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know”—20 novels with gothic elements. By the way, that phrase was coined by Lady Caroline Lamb. She was describing her lover, Lord Byron. I’ll bet he was. Seriously, though, check him out.

Lord Byron


The second is the GLBT Challenge. Again, not sure what I’ll read. I went to a great session at NCTE on GLBT YA literature.

GLBT Challenge

Also, it’s not a reading challenge per sé, but I found out my city is reading My Name is Mary Sutter in 2011. I am looking forward to reading it—the Civil War is endlessly fascinating. Thanks to Coach at my school for letting me know about it.

I have a lot of good books lined up. What about you? You participating in any challenges you want to share? Any great books you’re reading?


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  1. I'll be doing the Gothic challenge as well. I'm interested in the GLBT, but I think I'm already a bit over-booked with challenges + teaching + dissertating

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