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We (finally) received our belongings after two weeks of waiting. A word to the wise: Never use Summit Van Lines. The estimate was well below the final cost, and while I understand an estimate is an estimate, I think it should be close to the cost. They were hard to communicate with. Sometimes it took multiple tries to reach them. Our goods were only delivered after I complained. Finally, our boxes were all crushed, and I attribute the fact that nothing (so far—still unpacking) was broken to the fact that I packed the breakables myself. Had they done it, I’m sure it would have been broken. They also tried to charge us for having stairs, but their boilerplate specifically says there is no charge for stairs, so we put our feet down.

One of our movers asked us why we had so many books.

As if that’s weird or something.

We have more book boxes than anything else. Steve took the picture above of our book boxes. We haven’t unpacked them yet because we have a plan for organizing them, and I imagine they’ll be the last things we unpack. So far we have the kitchen and bathroom done, and we are making serious headway on the master bedroom.

I went to San Diego for an educational technology conference with my new colleagues at Worcester Academy, and I won a [amazon asin=B0051VVOB2&text=Kindle Fire]! I am trying to figure out how I will best use it. I like the idea of putting mainly books with color images on it, or perhaps using it for periodicals. I want to share it with family, but I’m also concerned that will be hard because one or the other of us might be using it for a book and not want to hand it over. Anyone try to share a Kindle? Did it work? If you have a Kindle Fire, how do you use it? What do you like about it?


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  1. Structural ambiguity strikes again! "Moving books" can be read two ways – but in any case, good post, good point. The third level of my house is sinking under the weight of books.

    Enjoy the Kindle. Not a replacement for, but a great complement to books.


    1. I already have a Kindle 2, and it's in good shape. I was just wondering aloud how this one might be used. I find that if a book is especially long, I really would rather read it on my Kindle. I also like getting it instantly. I was grumping yesterday about the fact that Something Wicked This Way Comes isn't on Kindle, but I know how Bradbury felt about e-books, so I shouldn't be surprised.

  2. Love it!! I can't hardly stand it though, seeing a sealed box full of books? It makes me just want to rip it open and see what all you have in there!! Like a frantic Christmas morning!! 😉

    Thanks Val, now I'm totally paranoid weather or not I should reinforce the floor of my library!

  3. I also have a Fire and a Kindle 2. I just *had* to have the Fire – and find I don't use it as much as I had planned. I do like getting periodicals on it, but then I have to remember that I have the subscription. I don't like reading on it as much because of the whole backlit thing. I wish it had an option to switch to e-ink. Though my husband is using it, while I am 'old-school' with my Kindle 2. If I want to read a mag on it, I just have to remember to do it before my husband wants to read his book. So, sharing it has worked out.

    We have also been asked why we have so many books – I couldn't imagine it otherwise. I have moving stories that would curl your hair! Have fun organizing the books! It's a chore, but it's wonderful afterwards to see the way you put them on the shelf afterwards!

    1. Thanks, Stefanie. I put a bunch of them on the shelves, but I was dismayed to learn that even though we got rid of a lot of books we didn't think we'd read again, we still have too many for our shelves.

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