MT, Spam, and Why I’m Up at 3:30 on a Work Night

I have been playing around with MT tags — that would be Movable Type for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym. I decided to see how I like doing without the Blogrolling blogroll and found out how to create a simple one using a template module. Good instructions can be found here and here. The only thing is I had a graphic — — that was appended to links of blogs that had recently updated, pinging one of the sites Blogrolling takes data from (including its own). I searched, but couldn’t find out how to do that with my MT blogroll. Anyone out there know? I guess it isn’t a big deal. Half the blogs I read didn’t ever ping anyway, but I admit I thought it was cool. Don’t you know I spent a bit of time working on that graphic to make it match my site. But the main reason I wanted to ditch the Blogroll is that I couldn’t figure out how to make it work with the XHTML Friends Network, which I found on Nighthawk and rather liked. Go check it out and see if you might be interested.

My free email service provider said that the account I use for all my blog-related activities has been reported to their abuse entity because I have allegedly been spamming folks. As much as I hate spam, I can only imagine I ticked someone off, and they decided to mess with me and try to get me in trouble. May even be the person who hijacked my identity to get a bank account recently. I have said a couple of times that I’m not sure how they got their information. Maybe they know I’m linked to that email address. Of course, it could be a mistake, too.

I think Maggie has finally fallen asleep. I actually have to work tomorrow. Curriculum and planning. So I’m going to bed. Just as soon as I get that sweater I need to wear tomorrow in the dryer.