My Blog is Suffering


I have become compartmentalized. Realizing that probably only teachers are interested in my thoughts on education (which is probably sad, but nevertheless true), I have moved those thoughts to an education blog I keep on my other domain, which also houses a blog for my students.

My Harry Potterica goes on the Pensieve, yet another blog, but on the same domain as this one. If I have any Potterish thoughts to share, they go over there.

This domain also houses my genealogy blog.

So I have all my thoughts scattered over five different blogs (!) I am posting less frequently here, and often struggle with what to write, which is a problem I do not have on my other more specialized blogs. I suppose I can see now why people tend to specialize — write only about politics, or in Steve’s case, true crime. On the other hand, being much more general on one blog is good, too.

I don’t want to change my current set-up. I like the fact that people who don’t visit here read my education blog. I like it that Harry Potter fans don’t have to wade through my other crap to get at what they want to read. I’m glad people doing family tree research don’t have to try and figure out where in the hell they just landed when they Google genealogy terms.

What I’m wondering, however, is that if you take away teaching, Harry Potter, and family history — do I have nothing much to say?

Something to think on as I rub my chin thoughtfully.


4 thoughts on “My Blog is Suffering

  1. I didn't know you had an education blog…I guess I haven't been paying very close attention. But I'm interested…I added it to the favorites with the others of yours and Steve's. If I ever get to manager here (coffee shop and used bookstore…there's been some talk from the manager about him leaving and he wants me to replace him if he does) I have ideas on how to bring in more educators from the local schools (like a ten percent off card for educators maybe) and how to expand the children's reading section, have kids story hours…stuff like that. So I'm interested in how educators think.

  2. Five blogs, Dana!?! That's impressive – and your students are very fortunate to have such a thoughtful and progressive teacher. I hope that you'll keep the general blog going.
    Meanwhile running a web site and two blogs is as much as I can do.

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