remember when?

After today is over, my 40th birthday will officially be closer than my 39th.

What I want to know is where the time went. I feel like I was just in college, just yesterday, driving down Riverside in Macon in my friend Sheila’s car with this song going in the background.

It seems wrong that it should be over 20 years ago. Really wrong.

One of the reasons I keep this book blog is that I truly feel there are a lot of books I need to read in my lifetime, and I want to keep track. I know I’m not old, but I’m not young anymore, and it’s weird to think of myself that way. Especially because some things don’t seem to change—like how Georgia suddenly blooms in mid-March and you have to play “Blue Skies” by the Allman Brothers when you’re driving down the road. It’s a requirement.

How does 20 years go by so fast? Not fair, life. Not fair.

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan


8 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I turned 39 in February, and my daughter turned 16 sevin days later. She got her driver's liscence just over a week ago, and I feel so OLD! I don't mean old in the sense that I think I'm going to be relegated to the old folks home, but I just look into to her face, and I see the toddler that she was and then I get all weepy. (I'm getting weepy just writing this!) Sigh.

    1. Our daughters are close in age, too. Mine is 17. I have resolved to make my 40's the 20's I didn't do right—within reason of course because I do have kids and bills. I am going to have fun with my girlfriends and enjoy life.

  2. Believe me, you will have the same 'feel like I was just in college just yesterday" sensation when you are closer to the 50th and even the 60th! When you start to NOT feel that is the time to worry!

  3. Next month I'll be in the same spot as you. I don't feel old and I don't feel young but with a newborn I often feel tired and stressed 🙂

    1. Newborns certainly are good at engendering those feelings, but how worth it are they! They are so soft and smell so good.

  4. I've had a similar feeling since I turned 28… five years later, it's even worse. I cannot believe how fast time seems to fly by. It's so scary!

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