Old Posts

I have now uploaded old posts up through the end of September 2001.  Wow.  Nearly five years ago, this stuff was written.  Five years ago, I was thinking a lot about my own writing and wanting to do more with it.  And I haven’t done much since then.  In five years!

Re-reading my 9/11 posts and looking at the children’s artwork I posted to my online diary brought tears to my eyes.

One of the reasons I wanted to transfer some of what I wrote back then to this more permanent space is that it is really interesting to look back and see who you were.  I wish I still had the diary I kept when I was 15.  I would love to see what was going on in my head nearly 20 years ago.  I really admire Roger for continuously keeping a journal for as long as he has.  I really like his posts when he goes through his journals and writes what he was doing 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago.  But journaling late is better than never doing it at all.