Old Yeller


I was strolling through Kroger tonight looking for diapers and saw a huge stack of enormous bags of dog food with the brand name “Old Yeller.” I’m sure it’s been 25 years or more since I saw that movie, but my recollection is that the dog got rabies and had to be shot. I am not sure that’s the best name for a dog food, but what do I know about marketing?


One thought on “Old Yeller

  1. Hey,

    I was just searching out the Bennett murders on the internet and came across your post. I thought I would comment under this post, the other is a year old and you might not see it!

    I was at a party Friday night and a few of us were talking about these murders. Your memories of this crime are much like mine, you must be 30 something!

    A woman at this party, much older than me, was friends with a Frontier stewardess during this same time period. A man followed the stewardess into her garage, hid until it closed and beat her with a hammer. She survived with much therapy. Friends and family always thought these murders were related.

    Anyways, these murders still creep me out, I live on the edge of Aurora and wonder if this lunatic is still around here. Scary!

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