Harry Pot-heads


Steve is reading the Harry Potter series. Shh. Don’t tell him I told you. I think he wants to post something cheeky to the effect that he was finally beaten down and forced under pain of torture. Well, we all knew it would have to happen in the end. There is no resisting the appeal of the Boy Who Lived. I hope he’s enjoying them as much as I did. But I get to read Half-Blood Prince first, or else he’s got to get his own copy.

In other news, I glanced at my entry calendar over there to the right and noticed I haven’t posted much in May. School will be out in a couple of weeks, and I imagine I’ll have more time. I hate to use that old busy excuse, but it’s true. That, and I haven’t really felt like there’s much of interest going on that I wanted to write about here. Also, I suppose my new genealogy blog is taking time that I might have spent here, and I have been trying not to neglect my Harry Potter blog so much.

I will leave you with a couple of interesting links:


One thought on “Harry Pot-heads

  1. That's funny. Over the years, I've also been coerced into reading the series (well, half so far). It occurred to me that if I didn't give in and read at least a few, I'd slowly and surely lose the admiration of a few fellow readers, in particular an eleven year old boy! I can't say I'm as smitten with the books as he is (or a lot of people are), but they're definitely to be respected, on a literary level.

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