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That’s our house. Actually, if you look a little NE of the red tack, our house is the lighter colored one. You can see the deck on the left side of the house. It’s a nice deck. We inherited a bird feeder that hangs from a hook on the deck. It’s not something I’d ever have thought of buying myself, but once I saw we had it, I bought birdseed for it. I keep checking to see if any birds have found it. If you look to the right of the house, you can make out the blackish-looking parking slab. This photo must have been taken before they cemented over it, because it doesn’t look black now. It’s a bitch to park on, because it’s not very even, there’s a precarious drop-off, and there’s a rather pretty tree with purply-white flowers that grows right where the driver’s side door opens. It drove me nuts that I didn’t know what kind of tree it was, so I hunted it down on the Internet, and it appears to be a white hibiscus. The flowers and leaves look just like this photo:

The houses next to us and across the street from us have been made into duplexes. The room that juts out in the front is the kids’ room. As you can tell, it’s pretty big. We figured they needed the space, though.

We’re settling in, but still unpacking. I have a really nice kitchen with lots of light. Sadly, there is no dishwasher or disposal. But I’ve been managing! I’m cooking a pot roast in my crock pot right now, and it smells great. Let me say here and now, I’m not a real homecooking kind of girl. I am a pretty good cook, but rather unenthusiastic about it, especially when I’m working. Seems like one more chore. But fixing that roast today, checking on it as it simmers, and smelling it throughout the house — it makes me feel proud for some reason. I know that’s silly.

This whole house is much “lighter” than our former home. Everything was so dark, from the cabinetry, to the flooring. There weren’t a lot of windows, and those that existed were darkened by tall trees in our yard. We have plenty of tall trees here, too, but they don’t obsure the light coming into the house. I really like all this light. I think the dimness can impact how you feel, sort of like Seasonal Affective Disorder. It kind of reminds me of my parents’ house. Their house is beautiful and full of light. The home they lived in when I was in high school, by contrast, was much like our old one — very dark.

We have a nice-sized backyard with encroaching kudzu. I was thinking the other day that a small swing set might be nice. We MUST get patio furniture so we can enjoy that nice deck properly. Maybe even a porch swing. I’ve always wanted a porch swing. My dream home is probably one of those old Victorians with a wraparound porch. I used to think I wanted hardwood floors until I had them at my old house. I prefer carpeting! Hardwood was impossible to keep clean. There was always some sort of dirt on the floor. I couldn’t keep it swept up no matter how I tried. Vacuum cleaners pick up all that stuff.

Well, I need to get back to work.

Want to see if you can find your house?


5 thoughts on “Our House

  1. hey dana! forgot all about my crockpot underneath the sink…soon as I get dressed, going down to Acme, pick me up a small roast and potatoes and carrots…and gonna use my crockpot!!!

    btw…that house locater thing is cool! So glad that you are enjoying your new home…

  2. Pot roast, Dana?

    I love to cook and I love to permeate the house with delicious smells.

    I think I need to dig my crockpot out and use it more often! It seems I never think of it until I hear someone else talk about using theirs. My bad.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your new house.

  3. whoa, who knew they had hibiscus in Georgia? Those things can definitely become as tall as trees, but I think they're bushes/shrubs. Our yard in Hawaii was filled with them, especially as a divider between us and Mrs. Novack next door – as a child, they towered over me. Right next to it we had wild ginger growing. We also had pointsettias, a Japanese "money tree", a palm tree, one or two banana trees, and an overgrown weed-forest that used to be the backyard garden when I was tiny. And a hidden grotto. *sigh*

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