The Pensieve


Okay, so even though the content isn’t really finished, I am announcing that I have a new blog called The Pensieve, where I will confine my Harry Potter obsession.

I while back, I asked the folks at Mugglenet if I could do a regular column about the many allusions and references, both literary and historical, in the Harry Potter books. They agreed. I wrote my first column about Sybill Trelawney. We got stuck trying to come up with a name for the column (The Pensieve is perfect, but already taken over there). So I was eventually forgotten, and my column never appeared. I decided I still wanted to do it, though, so I decided I would create a forum for it. I know that not everyone who reads this blog would necessarily be interested, so I decided to keep my Harry Potter-iana in another place.

I’m fairly happy with the look of it. I made a collage for the title masthead in Photoshop. I scoped out my favorite links to share. I created several pages of content, but the columns, or whatever else I choose to share, will be in blog format on the main index page.

Now that I have taken a little break, I need to get back to unpacking and laundry.


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  1. Hey, I tried to post a comment at The Pensieve and I got an error page. Did you know?

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