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Thinking Blogger AwardRoger nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. I was kind of surprised, as I don’t think of this blog as particularly thought-provoking, but who am I to turn down an award? According to the rules, I now nominate five bloggers who make me think for this award.

  1. Western Dragon: Nepotism doesn’t hurt, I suppose, but until I encouraged her to write, I had no idea my daughter could write so well. In fact, she writes much better than I did when I was her age. She seems to intuit characterization. She really makes me think. Don’t miss her creative writing.
  2. The Genealogue: Chris Dunham bills his site as “Genealogy News You Can’t Possibly Use,” but I have spent quite a lot of time enjoying his posts and learning how to do things. Plus, he’s a nice person and shared his thoughts about the Salem Witch Trials with my class, which I really appreciated.
  3. Baghdad Girl: This blog is written by a girl who until recently lived in war-torn Baghdad. Her frequent posts of cat pictures are sometimes punctuated by reflections about life in a war zone, and I find that when I hear about Iraq now, I often think of her, and children like her.
  4. Sarah*n*Dipitous: Sarah Hodsdon writes this blog, a reflection of her artwork and thoughts. She homeschools her children, Ben and Noah, and does a great job, judging from their own blog posts.
  5. Things in Your Head: This blog is written by Wendy. She reflects on life, her family, her past, her present, you name it! I find her writing to be enjoyable, whether she’s being funny or serious.

I would like you all to know that there are plenty of bloggers who make me think, aside from these five, but I was unfortunately limited to five.

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  1. Dana, thank you so much. Coming from you, this is high praise indeed! Thanks for your support 🙂

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