I think I’ve reached a place where I don’t really care which way things go. I don’t know if this has ever happened to one of you; if it has you might have a better idea what I’m talking about. It’s freeing, in a way. It’s the idea of making peace with something you thought was a bad outcome. The good part is that I don’t feel like the time I spent striving in order to reach this point was wasted.

On a completely unrelated note, I am chaperoning the 10th grade sleepover along with our new English teacher. He’s doing a great job. I’ve observed him with the AP Language class several times, and I think they’re in great hands. I’m not really nervous about it. I think the kids will be good. But I’m not foolish enough to anticipate getting much sleep.

I have been working much more on my education site lately. It’s my own place. I don’t really mind sharing with Steve, but it is a lot of maintenance, dealing with the juggernaut that has become Steve Huff’s True Crime Blog™. He’s been talking about moving to his own domain. Actually, I think I should leave this one to him and move everything over to my domain. I wasn’t crazy about the domain name — — anyway. Not that mine is any better. It was chosen with the purpose in mind that it would be an education site, and the domain name reflects that. On the other hand, while I don’t write anything here that I think parents or students would find offensive, I don’t really want to invite them to read it. I don’t know if that makes sense. Moving my blog over there — and for that matter, all the other blogs I maintain here — would necessarily be putting them all on the same domain as the blog I actually encourage my students to read, and I’m not sure I want to do that. After having had the freedom of a blog on my own domain, I don’t think I’d want to go back to something like Blogger or even Typepad (which isn’t even free). Part of me doesn’t want to move, because despite the fact that Steve probably gets the credit — and this isn’t the issue; I’m not complaining — I’m the one who really built this domain up. I also maintain it and fix it (if I can) if something goes wrong. I really don’t care if one person reads this site or one million. I’m very happy that my few online friends and some relatives keep up with me through this site. I do, however, kind of resent the notion that I’m not really here at all, that this is “Steve’s site.” He’s not responsible for me feeling that way as much as his readers and the press are. Frankly, if it wasn’t for this little man behind the curtain, the big old wizard head wouldn’t appear. I don’t know what I feel like I want — a little credit or something? I don’t know. I get miffed when his readers write to me because they’re too lazy to find his contact information and expect me to be his secretary. Oooh, that really does piss me off — especially because it is so easy to contact him. He even has a form!

So, I guess, on the one hand, I would like to go sit in my own peaceful corner of the web away from the craziness that has become this domain, but on the other, this site wouldn’t exist without my hard work, and I don’t want to give it up. I think that was the kind of stringy sentence I was just telling my 9th graders to avoid writing. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to think about it some more. If I do move, I will be sure to let you know and put redirects in place.

I would be happy to have any bits of advice you’d care to offer.


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  1. Well, I envy you what you said in your first paragraph. I feel like I will never know what that is like!

  2. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I have "" bookmarked under "" and always come to read you first! I think you should move, if you're feeling crowded here. Can't you still take credit for being the one behind this domain?

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