Happy Birthday, MT


Movable Type turned four years old on October 8.

I am really glad I started using MT about a year and a half ago. While I found it difficult to install initially, I eventually learned my way around, and subsequent upgrades were not too difficult. I like the wide array of plugins available, my favorite being Media Manager, which helps me keep track of my books and makes it very easy for me to format my book reviews. The latest version of MT even has SpamLookup bundled with the software, so you have the best comment and trackback spam protection without having to install anything extra. We haven’t had a single comment spam or trackback spam pass by its filter, despite the fact that there are well over 100 attempts at each on our site every day. Best of all, MT is free, though if you don’t pay you don’t get support.

I am really happy that I left Diaryland nearly two years ago now in favor of a place where I have no limitations. Without MT, I’m not sure what this place would look like. I’ve learned a lot about web publishing through my experience with MT.

Happy birthday, Movable Type!


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