New Stylesheet

As you can see, I changed the stylesheet for my template. Actually, Steve was using it at his missing persons blog, and I decided I liked it. I need to do some tweaking — there are some problems with the look of some of the pages, but if I don’t get off the computer now, I’ll be messing with it all day, and frankly, it can wait. Overall, I think it’s a nice change, and it’s more in line with MT 3.0 and higher stylesheets, so it will be easier to change in the future. I had 2.66 codes up still. I am still working on getting my “Currently Reading” list (and Media Manager items in general) to show up correctly.

If you’ve been noticing it’s difficult to access the site lately, it isn’t you. We have been having intermittent problems, and our host really hasn’t given us an explanation as to what is going on. If you ever have trouble connecting with this site, you can try my education website to reach me.