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On weekends, when I have control of the remote, I like to watch the Food Network. I’m not a gourmet cook. I don’t really even like cooking much (even though I’m a pretty good cook). I do enjoy watching others make something good. I used to really enjoy watching the Cajun Chef, Justin Wilson. Now my favorite is Michael Chiarello. He makes the yummiest looking food for his parties. How does one get invited to one of those? I just found out today you can visit his website and order some of the obscure products he uses on his show — like gray salt. You can also browse recipes!

After Michael Chiarello’s show, there’s a double-block of Bobby FlayBoys Meets Grill and BBQ with Bobby Flay. He did a show a few weeks ago on which he made this fabulous looking Mojito Limeade.

Watching these shows and browsing the websites make me wish I liked cooking.


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  1. The Food Network is addictive. It's a bit of an obsession for me. I'll watch the show, and then cut and paste the recipes for this ever elusive day when I'll make them. I've made a few things, but unfortunately, they aren't as good as they look on TV. Of course, if I were throwing big parties like they seem to, I'd probably enjoy it a lot more.

  2. Oh I like Food Network too! I like the show Unwrapped. I also hate cooking but I'm NOT a good cook. I can follow directions (sorta-haha!).

  3. I love the Food Network and Michael Chiarello is one of my favorite too. And Bobby and Alton and Rachael and Paula and Sara. Ha! Yes, Michael's parties look like so much fun.

    Thank you for clearing up the whole gray salt thing. I've been too wacky to go to MC's site and search for an answer, but everytime he mentioned his salt…I would say…is it grain or gray or what?

    Now I know. Hugs.

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