Pressure to Change Grades


Not that I have to deal with this in my current teaching position, but yes, I too have been pressured to change grades (bypass registration with BugMeNot). While I’m not proud of it, I have done it. Sometimes, I wasn’t given a choice. I’m not sure I would have lowered a student’s grade as a discipline issue, but when I taught at a rough school with no parental or administrative support, grades were the only (rather small amount) leverage I had, and I admit I used them. I called them participation grades. Perhaps that sort of thing is more acceptable than taking a grade a student earned and lowering it, but I still think the firing of the teacher was too extreme. This is a move that will impact Neace’s career. He may find it difficult to procure future employment. Please understand, I am not saying I think Neace made a good decision in lowering the grade, but he shouldn’t have been fired for it. I wonder what the system’s policy is on participation grading? I ought to know, as I worked there. Maybe that’s all I need to say…


One thought on “Pressure to Change Grades

  1. It makes me crazy, because many of the local technical schools give a "work ethic" grade for students who dress appropriately, who are on time, and who complete their assignments as necessary. Why can't high school teachers do the same thing? *hmmmm* I DO NOT think he should have been fired. I know many teachers on our staff have a 5 or 10% participation grade.

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