I went home yesterday. Well, I guess technically not my real home. I wonder if I’ve ever had one of those? When someone asks me where I’m from, I am always really puzzled about how to answer. I have always moved around so much. But the place that feels most like home to me is Athens, Georgia. And I went there yesterday. I played hooky from work so I could go to a job fair. I think it was very productive. I talked to representatives from lots of school systems. I got information about lots of upcoming job fairs. I got lots of applications and gave my résumés out to several people. I overheard an ignorant girl hand her own résumé to someone and pronounce, “Here’s my re-ZOOM.” *Cough* Okay. Prospective teacher and all… One principal was excited to hear I’m certified to teach gifted and asked if I would be available to interview next week, but we did not set a firm time. I sent him a follow-up e-mail a couple of hours ago to underscore my interest.

I did some asking around and found out our drama teacher is feeling very unhappy. The principal doesn’t want her to teach gifted, though she’s certified, but will also not allow a transfer. Drama lady has to sign a contract by the end of the week before all the other job fairs. She feels stuck, and she’s looking. She wished me well in my own job search. I just wish the job search was over already. I want to be back in high school. I… really miss it.