This Was My Day


I woke up about fifteen minutes late. I never heard my alarm go off. Maybe it did, and I shut it off in my sleep.

I got dressed. I had trouble finding socks for Maggie and Dylan. Where do all the baby socks go?

I carried my things out to the car. I didn’t have time to mix Dylan’s bottles, so I poured hot water in bottles and took the can of powdered formula with me. I grabbed three Cokes. One for my husband, two for me (so I didn’t have to go to the machine). I dropped one. It exploded all over. I got it on my clothes and the car. I tried to clean it up as best I could, but we were in a hurry and it was a huge mess.

There were three accidents on I-85. If hubby hadn’t agreed to let Sarah and me go to school first, we’d have been about an hour late. He was late himself. I appreciated the sacrifice.

I took Dylan out of the car at day care, while Hubby got Maggie. Dylan spit up on my silk blouse.

I was starting to think the planets were aligned against me. But I just have one more day with my current crop of students before we change classes. One more quarter.

I have been working on job applications. I hope I won’t have difficulty finding another job. I’ve had it. I’m not alone. We all aired our grievances at lunch. Lots of us are looking elsewhere.

I have a new link for you. A small photo album. You can access it with a link under “About” as well. I wasn’t wearing makeup in a couple of them, so don’t give me hard time. I’ve already had one.

Have a good day, all. Someone needs to.