R. I. P. Challenge XI


RIP Eleven

Yay! The R. I. P. Challenge is back for an 11th year! And it’s back at Carl’s blog after a year at the Estella Society. This is my favorite challenge every single year.

I’m not sure what I am going to read, but I’m considering the following books:

I’m not sure what I will ultimately decide to read, and it may not be any of these, but I am so looking forward to curling up this fall with some great spooky(ish) books. In any case, I am opting to participate in Peril the First, four books.


10 thoughts on “R. I. P. Challenge XI

  1. I’m fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials, so thank you for sharing your list. I’ll be checking out The Witches, although not for RIP as I’ve committed to reading some classic gothic horror this year.

    1. Thanks! If you are looking for good fiction about Salem/witches, you can try Kathleen Kent’s book The Heretic’s Daughter, which focuses on the Carrier family, or Katherine Howe’s books The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane or Conversion (which is YA).

  2. Some truly perilous looking book covers there. Very enticing! Hope whatever you read ends up being memorable for only good reasons.

    So glad to have you along for RIP again!

  3. Ooh, American Witches looks good! I read a book called Witches in America, which was about modern-day people who practice witchcraft in various forms. It was interesting? I liked it? But also, the author got more and more drawn in and seemed like a less and less objective/reliable observer, and I ended up giving her a bit of side-eye for all the woo-woo stuff.
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