Reading Update


I will finish Moby Dick tomorrow when DailyLit sends me the final 252nd installment of that novel. I began reading it back in April I think, receiving one installment each day. Some time in August, I found it difficult to keep up, and I wound up reading perhaps the whole week’s installments on Saturday or Sunday, but I was able to catch up, with a few lapses, beginning in September. Now I’m almost done, and I think it will feel weird not to receive Moby Dick in my e-mail inbox anymore. On the other hand, on Monday, I will begin Ulysses, and I’m looking forward to reading what many critics call the quintessential novel of the twentieth century.  If I don’t elect to receive more than one segment a day, it should take me about one month shy of a year to read Ulysses.

I haven’t progressed very far lately with Jane Eyre due to time constraints. I am hoping that after next week, fewer demands on my time due to my sponsorship of an organization at school will be made.

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One thought on “Reading Update

  1. Good Luck with Ulysses – I don't care what the critics call it – I tried three times and gave up.

    Moby Dick, I was glad they made the film, I then went back and skipped the middle. You were right.

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