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Steampunk challengeRikki Donovan at The Bookkeeper is hosting a new reading challenge: the Steampunk Challenge. I have a steampunk novel on my Kindle, but I haven’t read it yet, and participating in this challenge will be a great opportunity to read a little bit more in a genre about which I’ve been curious for some time.

The challenge runs from October 2010 to October 2011. I might not start it until after the new year so that I can finish my other open challenges that have earlier deadlines first.

By the way, I am hosting a challenge next year, and you’ll be hearing more about it in about two months. It will be the first time I’ve hosted a challenge, so any suggestions regarding organization or how to make it more fun or attract participants would be most welcome.


5 thoughts on “Steampunk Challenge

    1. I know! I have The Dream of Perpetual Motion on my Kindle. It's supposed to be a steampunk version of The Tempest, and I can't resist a Shakespeare retelling. I hardly know what else to read, though, without much experience in this genre. However, my friend Paul Hankins put this resource together, so I'm hoping to find other books. Maybe I'll read The Golden Compass.

  1. Have fun with the Steampunk Challenge. That sounds so fun and if I wasn't behind on all of my challenges I'd probably join. I've only read one Steampunk book but it was so fun that I really want to explore more. If you haven't read The Affinity Bridge by George Mann then I highly recommend it.

    Looking forward to seeing what your challenge will be!

    1. I will check into that one. Aside from The Dream of Perpetual Motion, I'm not sure what' I'll read. But the good news is that this challenge runs from this October to next, so you can still join up if you are interested.

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