Lazy Sunday

nature's painting

Lazy Sundays are the best Sundays. All I have really done today is make playlists in Spotify. I did enjoy the Two Nerdy History Girls’ Breakfast Links post from yesterday this morning.

One blog they linked to is My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. As a huge fan of historical fiction and old photos, I found it rather fascinating. It certainly made me wonder who all these men were and whether their descendants knew about the photos. Well, some were contributed by descendants, but the bulk of them give no indication of such. This guy, for example, looks like a real badass, which apparently, he was. I also like this OG cowboy. And not a daguerreotype, but a reminder that young Ernest Hemingway was quite fetching. My favorite is Robert Cornelius, the subject of the first daguerreotype. Here is an excellent blog post about the photo. There’s a whole story in that photo. I love his jacket.

The weather has been perfect. Georgia is so hot in the summer, and fall decided to come a little early. It feels wonderful outside, and it’s hard to imagine the leaves won’t be turning soon.

I thought about 9/11 today, but I decided not to write about it. I do have some older posts written on and right after September 11, 2001:

Later, I participated in a project to commemorate the 2,996 people who lost their lives, and I commemorated Eric Lehrfeld. I never met him in life, but there is not a 9/11 anniversary that goes by now that I don’t think of him and his family. I connected with his sister on Facebook, and while I cannot say we are friends, I can say that learning about one person profoundly changed the way I view the tragedy. It isn’t as much about the nation’s loss or terrorism to me as it is the loss of all those people, and the yearly reminders their families must endure when the coverage on the television is actually depicting their loved ones’ deaths. I can’t even watch it anymore. But it doesn’t mean I don’t remember.

The Sunday Salon

photo credit: paul (dex)