Posting Schedule

You may have missed this small update I made earlier this week. Well, I have made some revisions to the schedule. I originally decided to dedicate myself to posting at least twice a week, but I have changed my mind and will try to post three times a week instead. Tuesdays will be dedicated to book news, Kindle news, reflections on reading and books, and the like. Thursdays will be dedicated to  Booking Through Thursday (just discovered via Bookish Nose, although I wholeheartedly disagree about Pride and Prejudice, naturally 😉 ).  Sundays will be dedicated to reading updates and will be tagged with my “in-progress” tag. It will give me a chance to talk about books I abandon and my initial impressions, reflections, or other thoughts about what I’m currently reading. I will still post book reviews whenever I finish books, regardless of the schedule.