The Future of the Literature Carnival


I have been hosting the Literature Carnival for approximately six months now.  I had hoped it would catch on so that by this time, I would receive enough submissions that I could simply put them together (with some flair).  That hasn’t happened.  I have some mild interest from a few quarters, but aside from the interest of a few regulars, the carnival hasn’t really gone anywhere, and I’m not sure it’s doing any of the submitters any good to send their posts to me (at least, it’s not if generating traffic to their sites is a goal).

I wish I had time to be more aggressive about tracking down posts and getting people to link the carnival, but the fact is that I don’t.  I have three kids and a full-time job that is very demanding.  I admit, too, that my interest in maintaining the carnival has waned.  I have found myself resenting the obligation when there is not much support or interest.  It is different with the Harry Potter Carnival I also host.  In that case, I find the process of putting together the carnival interesting, and the fact that not many folks stop by doesn’t bother me.  In other words, I do it because I like it and find it interesting and fun.  I haven’t felt that way about the Literature Carnival in a while.

If you are interested in seeing the Literature Carnival continue, please contact me about taking it over.  I will not be doing any more carnivals after the next edition.  If I have no takers, I will delete the carnival.


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