Urban Posters 2


It looks like UrbanPosters.com shipped my order today, almost exactly three months after I ordered it.  I still have not received feedback regarding the lateness or the multiple e-mails, or the BBB complaint, and I suppose I don’t expect to now, as they will feel they fulfilled their end of the bargain.  I am not satisfied, however, and will still not order from them again.  Three months for posters they said they had in stock is ridiculous.  Amazon does better with out of print materials than that!

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One thought on “Urban Posters 2

  1. Dana, did you use a credit card for your order? Even for $27 or so, you can reject those charges, and the credit card works on your behalf to get your money back for you (or get you what is rightly yours). I think it's pretty ballsy to not even reply to a BBB complaint!

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