Sticker Shock


I know I’ve just never mentioned in this blog how I hate cars. </sarcasm>.

Anyway, my car is in the shop. The most pressing thing I need to fix, the head gaskets, will run me $1900. When I can afford it, I also need to fix a leak in the power steering column ($960), the leaking oil pan ($640), and the brakes, which are wearing, but not worn yet ($165). My dad says he can fix the battery cable ($260). In all, I was quoted $3925 worth of repairs.

Ayup. I got that laying around in my sock drawer. Anyway, my dad was good enough to loan me $1000, so I can use the other $1000 that I can afford to put in myself to at least get thing one fixed. I was assured that the other stuff, while necessary to fix, can wait and the car will still go.

I really, really, really hate cars.

My great-great-grandparents spent $20 on a buggy in the 1890’s. Grandma Stella would probably go apoplectic with shock if she knew how much money her great-great-granddaughter would spend on her various and sundry automobile problems over the last five years.