What Haven’t You Read?


It would appear from the silence emanating from my trivia question that no one has read The Sun Also Rises. That means you suck.

There’s a thread over at Tingle Alley discussing this very thing. Shocking revelations! Someone has read no Faulkner? No Flannery O’Connor? No Great Gatsby?

I confessed that until this year, I hadn’t read The Awakening, Beloved, or Their Eyes Were Watching God. I still haven’t read any Vonnegut novels. I need to read more Faulkner and Fitzgerald than I have. I haven’t read Moby-Dick (just lots of really good plot summaries and films). I never finished The Grapes of Wrath. I haven’t read Of Mice and Men. I haven’t read A Farewell to Arms.

I really suck.

What haven’t you read?


3 thoughts on “What Haven’t You Read?

  1. I've never read Hemingway (gasp!) but will for the first time with my juniors next month (The Old Man and the Sea).

    I tried to read The Breakfast of Champions (my first Vonnegut book) a couple of months ago but found it ridiculous and boring.

    I also haven't read 1984, any Ayn Rand, Moby Dick (I hated Billy Budd), Jane Austen (gasp!), Silas Marner, The Red Badge of Courage… I attempted The Idiot a few years ago (my first try at Dostoevsky) but gave up due to not having the big spaces of time to get into it… I could go on and on. Sad. I can only read so much. *sigh*

    I was tempted to post this anonymously, I am so embarrassed.

  2. I read Hemingway. I just loathe him. Faulkner *spit* I hate him too. I have to admit that I haven't read Moby Dick. I just can't do it. Seriously. *argh* I didn't read To Kill a Mockingbird until 2001. Can you believe that? I love that book now.

  3. Ah, I was just going to google that question to find out the answer, as it's been driving me nuts! Being a Hemingway whore, I have not read that book (and a few others), which is embarrassing. I also adore Faulkner when I have full attention to give his novels – "If I forget thee Jerusalum" is a wonderfully in depth novel. And, it would seem I read the books of some authors – except the obvious. I've read all of Orwell's literature, except 1984 and (most) all of Dostoevsky, except Crime and Punishment. I also just read my first D.H. Lawrence book – "Lady Chatterly's Lover." I would also say I'm pretty lacking in the female writers aspect of literature; Edith Wharton, Dorothy Parker, Bronte sisters, and more I'm sure I don't even know about! But, a newish author (new discovery for me, rather) is Jose Saramago. I adore his writing – the style, the tone of voice, the characters, the subject matters, the words he uses. "Blindness" is amazing for what it represents about humanity. I actually laughed out loud and wept – all within pages of each other.

    Sorry. I could go on and on – but that's nothing new.

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