Why Are They Always English Teachers?


I want to know why it always seems to be the English teachers who turn out to be nuts.

Elizabeth McDonald killed her mother with a hammer.

Mary Kay LeTourneau is possibly the most famous freaky English teacher.

Dylena Pierce was arrested for making bomb threats.

Lots of male English teachers have been arrested for molestation or child pr0n. A quick Google search could give you a shock.

Then there is the infamous Pam Smart, a Media Specialist, which is, most of the time, an English teacher who works in the Media Center.

What is it about teaching grammar, composition, and literature that makes one snap? When you think back to your school days, was it the English teacher around whom there was always the breath of scandal? I can say it was in my case. I hope I can successfully navigate the treacherous waters of teaching English and disembark at the end of a long, satisfying, successful career… and not be psycho in the end. I think it will be okay as long as I stay put, for too many episodes like this one could be dangerous for my future mental health.


6 thoughts on “Why Are They Always English Teachers?

  1. Seriously, though…do you recall my friend from another city who was an english teacher? He taught at a Magnet School and the curriculum and method he and his department used was so innovative that he and a fellow teacher gave seminars at various conventions – one convention I later discovered you'd even attended in Nashville, but you didn't go to the seminar – and two years after he started the job he and the teacher he went to conventions with had an affair and left their spouses and moved in together. I am pretty sure, though this is just guessing, that they became so incautious that their affair got them drummed out of the school where they taught.

  2. you know, now that i think about it, every single one of my english teachers was a little… iffy. :X

  3. Ha! How true this is. It seems anyone involved in the 'arts' side of education is a bit wacko. All my English teachers, and then later, writing professors, were a bit off kilter. They were always my favorite teachers, too. I'm not sure what that says! And, a little loopy never hurt anyone, as long as you keep your hands to yourself, that is. I'm sure you're the exception to weird English teachers!

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