Brief update. My new addictions:

  1. StorTroopers. I spent an embarrassing amount of time playing with them yesterday, making dolls of everyone I knew.
  2. Harry Potter. I am ashamed to say I only just now started reading the books, but I devoured the first one and jonesed all day yesterday because I didn’t have the second to get started on right away. Only other time in my life when that’s happened is with The Lord of the Rings. I finished The Fellowship of the Ring at around midnight. I actually had to go downstairs and pester my friend K. at that hour for The Two Towers because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Luckily, she and her roomate were still up.
  3. The self-checkout lines at K-Mart. Sad, isn’t it? I’ll actually go to K-Mart when I’d rather go to Wal-Mart or Target because they don’t have self-checkout.

Sarah is taking Health this week. She alternates activities like P.E., Art, Music, Computers, and Health on a weekly basis. The day before yesterday she told me there is the equivalent of five cups of sugar in a Coke. Is that really true? Anyone know? If it is, I am getting WAY too much sugar. Yesterday she told me all about the perils of smoking. She volunteered that her grandmother goes outside to smoke, which her teacher said was good. Wish she’d have done that when I was a kid. Both of my parents smoked heavily around me when I was a kid. Now I have asthma. Thanks a bunch!

Thanks again for the kind words in my guestbook. I’ll have to post some more of the book here. I was thinking about posting my character sketches later today, but I’ll have to find them. Hmmm…