Job Interview


Okay, everyone, wish me luck. I went on a job interview today. And it is a writing job. I really, really, really want to get it. Did I mention I really want to get it? Or that I really want to get it? I should know by tomorrow. Yikes, I hate waiting.

I tried to call Steve on the cell driving home from Athens (interview was at my alma mater UGA), and he didn’t answer. I came home and he and baby Maggie are napping. I can’t call my mom because she is en route to Texas to go to my cousin’s wedding. So I can’t tell anyone about it right now, and it’s driving me frickin’ crazy!

I think I made a pretty good impression. I was supposed to bring samples of my writing, so I brought the first draft of that study guide I wrote and the chapter of my book that I put in my diary the other day. That was really just for fun, because I would be writing magazine articles, newspaper articles, columns, brochures and the like. But the lady who interviewed me did appear to be *ahem* rather engrossed in the chapter.

I was interviewed by three people. Don’t you hate it when they panel you like that? I hate answering the questions “What are your strengths?” and “What are your weaknesses?” Ugh. Well, I hope that they hire me, because we need money. Plus, it is part time, so I wouldn’t have to put Maggie or Sarah in day care. Not that it is bad — they were in day care when I was teaching. But now I’ve gotten used to being home with Maggie and being there to pick up Sarah from the school bus in the afternoon. I’d miss it. At the same time, I need to work, or we’ll be up a creek. And I think you know what kind of creek.

Thanks for listening to my nervous job-interview rambling. And back to Harry Potter I go.