Boston #7


Another entry from my Boston paper journal, written right after my visit with my old friend, Ha.

2/14 (technically 2/15) Ha

Seeing Ha again was amazing! She looks just like Ha. The same! I’d have recognized her in a heartbeat. We talked about our kids, Barbie, gay marriage, Judaism, Transcendentalism. What didn’t we cover in our short hour-long visit? She was just — Ha. The ease with which we slipped into conversation again was… what word? Unexpected? Maybe? Maybe because Ha went to Harvard and has this amazing career as a designer, I was expecting her to be different? How stupid of me. The years slipped away as we reminisced about her dog Sunny, days playing with Barbie dolls, old school teachers and friends. We were grown-ups reconnecting after 20 years, but the years fell away like they hadn’t even passed. And yet there was mature, intellectual discourse — exchange of ideas. We talked about gay marriage in Massachusetts, abortion, religion, family, nursing children, kids — our own and those down the hall who won’t go to bed.

The kids will not sleep tonight! Well, whatever. I’m going to bed.

I’m so glad I saw Ha!

So that was my paper journal, written when I was very tired and rambling a bit. But truthfully, how does one really describe how it feels to see a friend after 20 years? I don’t think you can. We were so easy with each other. We talked about so much in the time she was able to visit. I can’t believe how fortunate I was to be able to spend time with her, and I’m so glad we were able to work it out. We had a great time. I wish my feeble words could do it justice.


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  1. Seeing old friends can be so amazing. They remind of us the best parts of ourselves from childhood. Glad you you had such a fantastic visit.

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