Busy Summer

I will be honest; I don’t usually work very hard on school-related tasks over the summer. I usually read whatever I want and work on genealogy. This summer is a busy summer for me. I am teaching a senior seminar for students who are studying for part of the year in Israel. It is a week-long intensive class (8:30-3:30 each day). Students will be taking quizzes and writing each day. I am also tutoring two students. I unexpectedly found myself conducting (for lack of a better word) professional development when I began blogging about an education book I was reading, and many of my readers decided they wanted to read it, too. I set up a wiki for us all to use to collaborate. My school changed the summer reading selections, so I have some more reading to do, as well. Of course, a Harry Potter film and book are also coming out, and frankly, whether one thinks it’s silly or not, Harry Potter is a priority for me. So, it’s kind of turning in the year without a summer, I suppose. I’ll be a better teacher for it, but like my department head told me, I also need time to decompress. I need to figure out how to get things done and still feel as if I have “me-time.”

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