Spam Karma


I have a great plugin called Spam Karma that helps me fight spam comments on this site. Basically, comments can be given a karma score based on several factors, including number of links in the comment, the number of previous comments, the recency of comments, etc. Comments are run through a series of filters and checks, each of which can either add to or subtract from the comment’s karma. Comments are either approved, deleted, or sent to moderation based on the user’s settings and the comment’s karma score.

My settings allow commenters who have a Spam Karma of at least 3 to automatically post. DanaElayne has the highest Spam Karma I’ve ever seen. In fact, her karma is higher than mine, and I’m the owner of this blog (which is a factor in increasing my karma, as I’m logged in when I comment). Her Spam Karma is 2001. The Force is strong in this one. I think she could be a Jedi. In fact, she might be the Chosen One.


3 thoughts on “Spam Karma

  1. Your Karma is 3.33. I want to be a Jedi, too, but mine is only 31.25 (as of the last comment I posted), and I own this blog. What's up with that?

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