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I wonder if anyone reading this blog subscribes to books via e-mail or RSS with DailyLit? I’ve mentioned DailyLit many times on this blog. I love it, and my mother and sister are now big fans after being introduced to it. It’s been the best way for me to read books I otherwise might not read because I read just a bit at a time, and for some reason, that helps me more than telling myself I can just read a page or two at a time of a paperback. I’m not sure why. DailyLit books are free if they’re in the public domain, but you can also purchase books (much more cheaply than they retail for, I might add).

I had been wanting to include a bookroll of my DailyLit books on this blog, but I really didn’t like the way the CSS was coded, and the DailyLit folks did not allow CSS code customization. I knew I could alter my own CSS stylesheet to render the code how I wanted it to appear, but I didn’t know the proper title for the div class. I asked for help in DailyLit’s forums, and thought I would share the solution with you all in case you want to use DailyLit and include a bookroll. I guess I really like for people to know what I’m reading! It was bothering me that I could use Now Reading Reloaded, a plugin that helps me display what books I’m reading, but I couldn’t get the DailyLit code to look right. If you want to see what I’ve read and am reading via DailyLit, check out the sidebar to the right and scroll down to the part where my Now Reading books are. The DailyLit bookroll is right under that section.


2 thoughts on “DailyLit Bookroll

  1. I really enjoy DailyLit. I was using it quite a bit for short stories earlier this year. Unfortunately things got a bit hectic for me so I haven't been subscribing to any new stories but I'm sure I'll go back to it soon.

    1. I took a break that lasted nearly a year. As a result, I'm not sure I understand A Tale of Two Cities as well as I should, but I'm in way too far to give up. They do make it easy to read books. I like it that you can get your installments as HTML now instead of just plain text. It looks so much nicer and is even easier to read.

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