GEICO Cavemen


Steve and I are fans of the cavemen on the GEICO commercials. If you haven’t seen one, here’s a pretty good one (my favorite):

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You can see others at YouTube.

I actually spent much too long at this website yesterday; however, as much as I like the cavemen and think the premise has the potential for funny, I believe this venture is doomed to failure. Unfortunately, this is probably the death knell of a funny series of commercials.

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5 thoughts on “GEICO Cavemen

  1. My husband and I are also fans of the Geico Caveman commercials. And we are also proud policy holder's as well 😆

  2. New Creature, I approved your comment, but you had nothing to fear about your e-mail address. It's not posted here, and no one but me would have seen it.

  3. Those dang cavemen. You know, if they were such prissy intellectuals, you have to wonder whether or not we've DE-evolved, in general.

    Oh, by the way… I love you 😀

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